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Cereals which are used to feed hens, chickens and ducks, and to craft cooking oils and flour are cultivated on site without pesticides or GMO.
We work respectfully of nature and animals.

Duck-issued products

Farm production - Feeding and transformation on site

Whole mi-cuit of duck foie gras

  • Net 170g pot: 28€
  • Net 300g pot: 49€
  • Vacuum packed lobe: 158€/kg
  • (We do not sell raw livers)

    Duck filet

  • Vacuum packed, fresh: 22€/kg
  • Vacuum packed, smoked: 42€/kg
  • Duck confit

  • 2 filets pot: 20€
  • 2 legs pot: 14€ / 4 legs pot: 26€
  • 4 wings pot: 12€
  • 1 filet + 1 leg + 1 wing pot: 18€
  • 2 legs + 2 wings pot: 18€
  • Duck rillettes

  • Net 170g pot: 8€
  • Net 300g pot: 15€
  • Confit of duck gizzards

  • By pot: 8€
  • Fresh duck vest ("paletots")

  • Between 2.5 and 3kg: 15€/kg
  • Duck aiguillettes

  • Fresh, vacuum packed: 30€/kg

  • Farming products

    Pesticide-free culture - Transformation on site

    Fruits and vegetables

  • Available varieties and prices may vary through seasons
  • (Available each year from the end of May on)

    Pesticide-free culture



  • 10€/kg (Minimum weight: 2.5kg)
  • Please order before wednesday evening. Slaughter on thursday, delivery (prepared and ready to cook) at the farm on friday or saturday

    Fresh eggs

  • 6 eggs: 1.60€
  • 10 eggs: 2.70€
  • 12 eggs: 3.20€
  • Hens raised in open air

    Canola or sunflower oil

  • 50cl flask: 2.50€ / 1L flask: 4.00€
  • Cold-pressed - Canola and sunflower seeds are harvested on site and crushed to extract virgin oil and produce cattle cake. The latter, rich in proteins, is used to feed our poultry

    Millstone flour

  • Wheat, rye or whole flour: 1.80€/kg
  • Spelt, khorasan or sorghum flour: 3.50€/kg
  • Grinded on millstone - Type T80 or complete T130
    Pesticide-free cultivated cereals

    Bread cooked in wood-fired oven

  • 500g piece: 2€ / 1kg piece: 4€
  • The dough is worked in an oblique kneading trough, before resting in wicker baskets. Cooking is made in a traditional molasse wood-fired oven dating from 1680

    Local and regional products offered by our partner producers

    All products are home-made. Availability and prices are not guaranteed all year long


  • Apples, cherries, apricots, peaches and nectarines
    (depending on season)
  • Fruit and vegetable based preparations

  • Compotes, fruit purée
  • Fruit juices
  • Soup in jars
  • Meats and pork products

  • Meats on order
  • Saucissons and diots (all year long)
  • Merguez and chipolatas, plain or with herbs (summer time)
  • Sauerkraut (two times per year)
  • Tapenades

    And other olive-based products

    Cheese and yoghurts

    Ewe, goat and cow

    Home-made alcohols

  • Beers
  • Wines
  • Ciders
  • Herbs based aperitifs
  • Sweet treats

  • Herbal teas
  • Honeys
  • French macaroons
  • Chocolates (holiday season)
  • Miscellaneous others

  • Cider-based vinegar
  • Natural soaps, shampoos and balms